Our data room management services cover virtual, internet, and physical data rooms to help you furnish your farmouts faster. Our DELFI Virtual Data Rooms are underpinned by our considerable hosted services experience, ensuring a highly secure and customizable platform for asset disposal. Similarly, our virtual and physical data rooms are built on customized technology given by highly trained professionals.

Access to the entire world

The DELFI Virtual Data Room has completely changed the game. Unlike traditional data rooms, which require securing a physical room with the necessary hardware and sourcing interpretation software before loading and configuring data, the DELFI Virtual Data Room allows divesting companies to promote their acreage or assets to a global audience using the DELFI cognitive E&P environment and its cloud-based access.

Investors no longer need to travel in with a small group of specialists to examine the data—a time-consuming procedure that limits the ability to offer investment possibilities to a worldwide audience. Investors can now study data from anywhere in the globe and bring their specialists together online to evaluate opportunities—quickly—using the DELPHI Virtual Data Room.

Effortless setup and administration with trusted software

The DELFI Virtual Data Room gives access to the Petrotechnical Suite in the DELFI environment, which allows investors’ petroleum specialists to analyze acreage using tools they are familiar with. Investors can use a comprehensive and trusted set of tools to simultaneously share a common view of the acreage and evaluate the opportunities on offer thanks to this advanced technology, which includes access to industry-leading applications such as the Petrel E & P software platform and the Techlog wellbore software platform.

When compared to conventional data rooms, the Virtual Data Room may be built and operated from anywhere on the globe, allowing provisioning for both the seller and the buyer in a fraction of the time.When you need to move swiftly and respond to market possibilities, time savings are critical—once a contract is in place, our virtual data rooms take just a few hours to completely establish. Divesting firms can also check the status of investor evaluations on an automated dashboard.

Data confidentiality and security

Data security is a must for every business in the oil and gas industry. The virtual data room is supported by industry-leading security technology and processes, including end-to-end encryption, identity management, 24/7 E & P cloud operations support, and adherence to industry standards, including SOC-2 accreditation for system security and availability, thanks to the DELFI cognitive E & P environment. For further security, data seen in the DELFI Virtual Data Room is watermarked.

By default, the identity of any single investor or their firm is hidden from anybody else using the data room, and the owner has complete control over who has access to the data room, ensuring that only the appropriate individuals have access.

Data security guards against data downloads.

Confidentiality guarantees that the investors’ or their company’s identities are kept private in the data room.

Data access is completely within your control.

Watermarks prevent data from being copied.

In the DELFI environment, collaborate with apps in the Petrotechnical Suite.

Online document storage facilities are available.

The online document room is a safe, collaborative platform where businesses may exchange highly sensitive asset-related papers and information with invited colleagues in order to promote acreage. for uploading documents, maintaining access privileges, and delivering daily updates and user reports.